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User Rant

Posted by Jamesworld0111 - October 23rd, 2018

Recently, a user named M-Bot deleted my art. I did not violate any of the rules for art publishing. Yesterday, I tried uploading the art again, but Newgrounds rejected it because I already uploaded it. Next, I copied the image file. Same results. If this user is going to delete my art without permission, then he's probably going to delete other content permissionless. Just because he has a lot of fans doesn't mean he gets to do what he wants to piss us Newgrounders off. Besides, he's only made one game and it got a lower rating than one of my Jamesworld songs. We need to make this "M-Bot" tell us what's going on.

Comments (4)

dude, m-bot is an actual automated bot. it probably deleted it because you used art that doesn't belong to you (sm64 model and desktop icons)

If all is true, how come my other SvU art is still here? First off, they are actually replicas of the SM64 Model and Windows Vista/7 icons. And second, they were tinted. It is impossible for one bot to detect false copyright. WTF, man?

Who is this "M-Bot" anyway? Why is he deleting my art? Is he a moderator? The only question that should truly be solved is the second one.

@siddikinz @Jamesworld0111 i think that m-bot deleted it because someone reported the art.

Just because someone idiot who doesn't know anything about SvU reported the art doesn't mean to ban it. He should have checked the reported art so he could see it. He made the same mistake with all 3 of my banned drawings. M-Bot, WORST MODERATOR EVER.

@Jamesworld0111 yeah lots of people dislike him

Agreed. We need to get him to talk, because I don't know what I did wrong.